18 March 2012

Character Bio: Sophie Pesce

Age: Teen
Occupation(s): Student
Traits: Loves the Outdoors, Easily Impressed, Athletic, Rebellious
Sign: Aquarius
Favorites: Spiceberry, Cookies, Indie Music

The troublemaker of the Pesce clan, Sophie has done everything from set the house on fire to convincing her brother he could fly if he jumped off the swingset. She seems to live for causing mayhem, but underneath her mischievous exterior is a caring, compassionate girl who enjoys being around the people she loves.

Unlike her brother, Sophie would rather be outside playing sports than cooped up inside. The two couldn't be more different; her brother is quiet, unassuming, and intelligent, while Sophie is brash, reckless, and outgoing. But you'd be hard-pressed to find a pair of siblings who get along better. They have always been partners in crime, covering up one another's mistakes and aiding and abetting the other when they get in trouble.

Sophie is also the more popular of the Pesce siblings. Her natural affinity for soccer and karate have given her a nice perch in high school society, but she's always wary of the popular clique, choosing to be around her fellow athletes instead. She's an established tomboy who hates dressing up, which has made her feel rather like she's the unpretty one in her class. She has a hard time accepting her looks, though she'll never outwardly admit this.

While she's never been a straight-A student, Sophie genuinely loves English and tends to actually make an effort in that class. She entertains hopes of being a famous author one day- though she'll have to survive long enough to become one!


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