18 March 2012

Character Bio: Isabel Evans

Age: Elder
Occupation(s): Chef (formerly), Retired (currently)
Traits: Over Emotional, Good Sense of Humor, Family Oriented, Natural Cook, Artistic
Sign: Taurus
Favorites: Pink, Tri-Tip Steak, Classical Music

Ah, Isabel Evans- the proud matriarch of the family. Kind, emotional, and supportive to a fault, there isn't much that escapes this formidable elder's attention. She's a shameless gossip, and she enjoys knowing exactly what's going on in every corner of her neighborhood. Many a neighbor or passerby has been irritated to glimpse Isabel hiding behind a hedge, pretending to garden. It's easy to see where Jane gets her meddlesome ways from! 

But of course, she's much more than simply Jane Pesce's mother. Isabel has led a colorful and adventurous life, and while she's made her share of mistakes, she looks back on her past with pride and contentment. After all, how many Sims can say that they've studied with monks in Shang Simla, or that they were once a model in Starlight Shores? Not many! Isabel enjoys recounting each and every one of her adventures to those who will listen. In fact, other people often have a hard time escaping one of her fond reminiscing sessions. 

Originally from Riverview, Isabel has had a lifelong love of traveling and exploring all that life has to offer. Her true love, however, has always been cooking. She became a chef soon after her marriage to Phillip- the other love of her life- and spent the next forty years doing what she loved. She counts herself lucky to have found a job she enjoyed so much, and those who have ever tasted her cooking agree. She has a distinct talent in the kitchen, especially when it comes to desserts. While she is now retired, Isabel still enjoys cooking for her family and loved ones- and bringing a pie over provides the perfect excuse for a little gossip! 


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