07 March 2011

New Friends

Moe stared out at the familiar grass and water, trying to memorize the scene before him. True, he'd only been in Twinbrook for barely a month, and the first few weeks of that had been filled with loathing and resentment for the countryside around him, but he'd actually come to enjoy the small patch of swamp that constituted Guppy Gills Pond. He'd managed to scratch out a small living fishing here, when the pond was in a giving mood, and now that it was time to say goodbye, things felt bittersweet.
Of course, it wasn't really goodbye. He'd still be here occasionally on weekends, but his days of fishing for a living were drawing to a close. After Jane had announced that she was pregnant again, he'd had to finally admit to himself the truth he'd been avoiding for weeks now- he just wasn't catching enough fish to make a decent amount of money anymore.

It would be difficult telling Jane what he'd decided, especially since it meant going back to work as a doctor- a profession he'd given up over a year ago after beating her ex-boyfriend senseless.
Jane was chatting with Sophie when he arrived home the next day. Their daughter seemed amazed by the fact that there was a baby growing in her mother's stomach, and she spent a lot of time feeling the baby kick and suggesting names for it. Moe was happy for her excitement, but he wasn't about to name the baby "Cinderella."

"Hello, all, I'm home!" he announced cheerfully, hanging his coat by the door and waiting for Jane to notice his new uniform.
"Moe... why are you wearing scrubs?" Jane asked in confusion. "Are you going back to work at the hospital? Oh my Plumbob, Moe, what did you do?"

"Calm down, Jane." Her pregnancy hormones were already kicking in, and Moe had to remember to tread carefully. "I had an interview earlier this week, and they hired me. I have to start my internship over, but I won't be that behind."
"Okay, but Moe... why?" It wasn't like him to make decisions without consulting her, and she was worried that he was going back to a job he didn't like for reasons she didn't understand.
"Well..." He hesitated, unsure how to phrase it in a way that wouldn't make her bite his head off. "I wasn't making a lot of money as a fisherman, Jane, and now that we're having another baby, I just think it was time to get a job that was more... stable," he finished. "And I really don't mind it, actually, I think it'll be a good move!"
"I just don't want you making yourself miserable because of the baby... You quit for a reason, Moe." 

"But that was then... Why don't we just give it a shot and see how it goes? I just want to be able to give the baby everything it needs, and I wasn't going to do that catching crappy salmon." He was desperate for her to understand, but even more desperate for her to approve. 
"Okay, Moe, I trust you." Jane nodded slowly. "I just want to make sure you're happy with this decision... I wish you'd have brought it up earlier so we could have discussed it," she added reproachfully. 

"I'm sorry, I really am. I just didn't want to tell you before in case I didn't get the job," he assured her. "But if you don't want me to accept it, I won't!" 

"No, it's fine," Jane smiled. "As long as you're happy, I'm happy." 

"Ethan. Ethan. Ethan." 

"What, Sophie? I'm trying to do my homework." 

"Let's go outside and play, Ethan!" 

"I have to finish this math, and so do you!" 

"But I hate this class... can't we go outside and play on the swingset?" 

"You can, but I'm going to finish this homework!" 
"Fine, I don't need you, I'm going to have a bake sale!" Sophie trotted outside with a plate of brownies and cupcakes (store-bought, but who was going to find out?), leaving her nerdy brother behind. "Twenty-five cents a cupcake, twenty cents a brownie..." she muttered, marking the prices onto a blank piece of paper. "And now I just wait for customers... but they smell so good.... maybe I'll just eat one." 
Or maybe four.
"Sophie, I'm going to invite Lucy over, do you want to play with us? Or are you too busy with your 'bake sale'?" 

She shrugged and followed him down the driveway as he went to meet his friend. Lucy was a girl from their class at school, and while Sophie thought she was perfectly nice, she'd never been one to invite friends over after school. Ethan, on the other hand, loved hanging out with his new friend and had begged his mother to let Lucy come over for dinner. 
"Hey, Ethan!" The redhead greeted him enthusiastically. But before he could get another word in edgewise, Sophie flew past him and immediately started chatting away. 

"Hi Lucy, how are you, let's play tag! You're it! Catch me if you can!" 
"Wait for me, guys!" Ethan called out, racing to catch up with them. 

They played tag for the rest of the afternoon, and as the sun sank lower in the sky, their energy began to wind down. 
Ding dong.

"Your turn to get it," Jane announced, shoving Moe off the couch. He grumbled playfully and trotted over to the door, but his smile was quickly replaced with anger as he realized who was at the door.
"You! What are you doing here? I thought I told you never to come near us again!" Moe yelled, pointing an angry finger at his old nemesis. He'd thought Chase had been bold enough following them to Twinbrook, but to actually show his face at their house? He wouldn't have thought Chase had the balls. But what Chase said next made him completely forget about his anger.
"Get your hands off me, loser! I'm here to pick up my daughter!"


:-O! Wait wait wait. Is Sophie--or Lucy--I'm going to assume for now that Lucy is his daughter (oh noes!), but for a split second I thought he might be talking about the twins... :S

Oh man. That's sad, that the first friend the kids end up making ends up being Chase's! Man. That still doesn't explain why he's in town, or who her mother is, but... Wow. Unexpected, for sure! Here I was thinking he was a bachelor all on his lonesome...

But, back to Moe! Well, I can't say I'm surprised that he decided to go back to being a doctor--hopefully Jane gets enough time off to care for the baby, now that that means they're both working full time.

And he really should've talked to her about it first! Granted, being hormonal might mean she insisted he didn't... Pfft. Men. They always do things without discussing them first. :P

Still anxious to find out what's up with Chase... That's a very sticky situation for Moe and Jane!

Ahahaha. I didn't realize how vague it was until I read your comment- but yes, it's Lucy, not Sophie!

The next post will probably be completely Chase-centric, to explain a bit of why he's back in town and where Lucy came from.

As for Moe... well, I think he's afraid of rejection to some extent, so his reason of not wanting to get her hopes up is probably valid (though of course, he's rather chicken anyways).

But yes, very sticky situation!

Also, as for the working situation- I'm not sure what will happen there. Jane does have several days of maternity leave, but she's also been rolling wants to quit her job and take up writing, so who knows what she'll do?

I actually like vague, usually. :) I like a good mystery. Still, what finally made me realize "Duh!" was that Sophie has a twin brother, and it'd be weird if he was coming just to pick up one of the twins...

I look forward to next post, then! I wonder what the heck Chase has been up to--as I'm sure both Jane and Moe are... Well, maybe Jane. I assume Moe probably doesn't care too much. ;)

Hehehe, Moe's a chicken. ^^ Understandable, though. I would *definitely* be afraid of my pregnant, hormonal wife if I was him.

Hmmmm! That sounds like Jane's got some interesting prospects in her future, if she's thinking a lot about writing. I love it when wants give ideas on where to take the story. :) Can't wait to see if she follows her wishes or not.

Baha, vague is my forte. It would have been interesting if Sophie and Ethan weren't really Moe's, but I have to confess it never even occurred to me to have that kind of baby daddy drama. Another season, maybe ;)

As for Chase, he's definitely throwing me for a loop at the moment... and I'm kind of having to rethink the entire rest of the chapter thanks to his hidden qualities that are coming out more. He's definitely neither completely good nor completely bad, and it's complicating things terribly.

Jane's lifetime want has nothing to do with her current job so it's very possible that I'll have her become a writer. I've really been giving them extraordinary amounts of free will, because free will + story progression is an awesome combo in my mind, but I've got to think about her career and whether or not it'll play into anything else the rest of this season.

Not a bad forte to have, honestly. ;) Subtlety is always better than overt bluntness in storytelling.

Hehe--I think I've just trained myself to always assume the worst, which is why I initially figured baby daddy drama. I must be way too mean to my sims or something, if I automatically do that. XD

Don't you *love* characters that throw you for a loop? I'm doubley intrigued to hear more about him, then, if that's the case. I have a special fondness for Sims that walk the line between light and dark. I love me some shades of gray. :D

*nods* Well, sometimes you have to ignore your Sims wants for the purpose of the story, but sometimes it fits in in ways you didn't expect--it can be very frustrating trying to decide! I hope you can figure it out without too much hair-frazzling!

What's Jane's LTW? The $-per-week royalties one or one involving the writing skill?

I actually just made a major change to the story because of Chase... I hope he (and my friend who is in love with him) are both happy!

Her LTW is actually the culinary librarian, so you'd think she'd roll wants to be in the culinary career, but nope!

Oh wow, I definitely didn't expect that one! Hahaha! Well, I guess she just wants to learn recipes but doesn't have much interesting in actually being a chef. ;)

Still, it's not always their destiny to go into careers that compliment their LTW. I'm just so happy that they've made it so much easier now to choose any LTW with any traits!

Oh, and I hope your friend is pleased with the changes. Once all is said and done, you're gonna have to share what the initial plan was. I'm definitely curious--but also patient, so, no spoilers! ;)

Does your friend have a blog too?

I agree, I love being able to choose different LTWs now!

And nope, none of my friends have blogs, they're just my enablers/proofreaders.

Hi ho, I'm back. LOL

Poor Moe, having to go back to a regular job because he just can't catch enough fish in the pond.

Still, he should have talked it over with his wife. I hope his job goes better this time.

Aww, the kids with their new friend. And ewww, did they have to be friends with Chase's daughter?

:) Good stuff!

Welcome back PiB!

Yeahhhh, Moe wasn't having a lot of luck. Of course, that could have been the pond, but I thought having him go back to the hospital would be a good source of drama.

He only quit the last time because of being on suspension for beating the crap out of Chase. He did like being a doctor (and hopefully still will).

They had to be friends because look at how cute Ethan and Lucy are!! :P

At first, I do feel sympathy for Moe - for losing his job because of Chase years ago, but now... maybe he should lower his tone a bit especially in front of the children.

I'm so glad that he had finally back to his work at the hospital.

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