03 March 2011

Stereotypical Intro Post!

Hello world! I am terribly sorry for this utterly uncreative beginning, but I'm new to Sims storytelling and have no clue how to start! Therefore, I'm jumping right in. This story will revolve around the Pesce family, whom I've been playing for a bit now. A brief intro to their story is probably in order as I'm going to be starting the story from the current point rather than going back over things, so I'll give you a brief backstory and introduce you to their characters in the next post.

First things first- the basics. The story will take place in Twinbrook, though all of the Pesces were born in Barnacle Bay. They relocated after Jane gave birth to twins Sophie and Ethan. The story will start with their move and proceed from there. Pictures taken from before the story begins (such as the header) reflect their old house, and pictures taken from this point on will reflect the new house. Also, I'm not a great Sim photographer so bear with me.

As for the technical bits, this is not a legacy, as I don't have the patience or will to stick to the legacy guidelines. I love playing with cheats, and I like being creative with my storylines/character relationships, and (in my experience) the legacy challenge doesn't allow for as much. Of course, that's just me! I also use a lot of Twallan's mods, including the Master Controller and Story Progression mods. It's a lot more fun that way. So hopefully, I will be able to keep up with whatever's going on in the town and include that in my posts.

Finally, links to the family tree and character bios can be found at the top of the page. As the story goes on, I'll include season synopses and such as well. So have fun reading!


Hooray! I can comment! *cheer*

I'm glad that you decided to start blogging--from what I've read so far, you're already doing a fantastic job. Don't worry too much about having super screenshots or anything--the more practice you have at it the better you'll get, and besides, good screenshots a good story does not make. ;)

I have to say, I totally agree on your opinion of legacies. Far too many people have probably had to listen to me rant about them--they have their good points, but you're totally right that they put too many limitations on what you can do.

The blog looks great though, and you're off to a good start! I've got you on my blog feed and everything, so prepare to be blog-stalked. ;)

Thanks, Kaleeko! I'm glad I decided to start blogging too, haha. I'm also glad my opinions regarding the limitations of legacies aren't that unheard of!

Hey Amelia, welcome to the world of sim blogging! :)

It's the weekend so I thought I'd stop by for a sneak peek of what you been up to. And I see you've been busy!

Your blog looks great and I look forward to reading about the Pesce family.

I've now added your blog to the stories/blogs I follow. :)

Hi Ladies! Im new to the SIM blogging thing as well. I named my main SIM blog " The Black Family Legacy" not because im doing the Legacy "thing" but because I like the sound of it. lol. I love cheat codes so there that. Im up tp chapter 11 and would love to hear your feedback on them. Im also going to check into what " Twallansmods" are..sounds like it would be helpful. Have a great day and happy Simming!

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