18 March 2012

Character Bio: Lucy Jenkins

Age: Teen
Occupation(s): Student
Traits: Adventurous, Photographer's Eye, Friendly, Perfectionist
Sign: Virgo
Favorites: Blue, Egg Rolls, Pop Music

Lucy is a fairly happy-go-lucky girl, and you'd never know from looking at her that her mother was brutally murdered when she was just a child. After Amy's death, Lucy was raised by her father, Chase, whom she'd never met before (as he didn't know of her existence until then). While their initial relationship was awkward, Lucy now gets along quite well with her father, and has become an energetic, friendly, and intelligent teen. 

Shortly before starting high school, Lucy and her father moved to Sunset Valley to escape the memories of Amy (as well as her murderer, Matt Schtick). Lucy was fairly unhappy about the move, especially since she'd become very close to the Pesce twins- Ethan in particular. But whatever potential feelings were there were cut short when she moved, and Lucy has since had to form new friendships- and new relationships. 

Much like her mother, Lucy has quite a busy social life, especially when it comes to guys. Fortunately, however, Lucy did not quite inherit all of her mother's self-centered ways, and she tries to treat everyone fairly. But she can get caught up in her own life at times, and like Amy, she doesn't always realize when she's hurting others.To her credit, however, she's always quick to try to fix something if she perceives that she's messed up. 

While she is a member of the popular group in her new school, Lucy's hobbies and interests skew more towards the artistic- something she definitely inherited from her mother. She's an avid photographer, and she entertains ideas of traveling the world and capturing it all on her trusty Hikon QX40di Gladiator. 


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