25 March 2012

Character Bio: Phillip Evans

Age: Elder
Occupation(s): Policeman (formerly), Retired (currently)
Traits: Can't Stand Art, Angler, Loves the Outdoors, Charismatic, Family-Oriented
Sign: Cancer
Favorites: Blue, Pancakes, Country Music

Unlike his wife, Phillip Evans has not led an exciting or varied existence. Having lived in Riverview his entire life, he's not fond of change and tends to resist it in all forms. Isabel has often tried to get him to try more things, insisting that change isn't as scary as it seems, but his fear of the unknown has always held him back from chasing the same kind of opportunities that Isabel always has. He likes to tell her that she is his big adventure, a statement that warms Isabel's heart long enough for her to drop the subject. 

While he comes across as rather stern, Phillip is a compassionate and caring man underneath his gruff exterior. His guarded countenance and brevity made him a perfect candidate for the police force, and he served his community well over the past  thirty years. Now that he's retired, however, Phillip enjoys fishing and hiking, hobbies that he will never be too old to pursue. 

While he initially disliked Moe- whom he saw as a stranger who took his daughter away, despite the fact that she moved to Barnacle Bay long before she met Moe- he has recently begun to get along with his son-in-law much better than he used to. Perhaps part of Phillip will always resent the change that took Jane away from him and sent her to Barnacle Bay, but at least he realizes now that it wasn't Moe's fault. And, of course, living near his daughter again has made him more agreeable in general. Additionally, the two are both avid fisherman, a fact that will provide ample groundwork for a better friendship, should the two men choose to take advantage of the opportunity. 


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