18 March 2012

Character Bio: Jane Pesce

Age: Adult
Occupation(s): Teacher (formerly), Reporter (formerly), Freelance Writer (currently)
Traits: Good, Family-Oriented, Bookworm, Hopeless Romantic, Childish
Sign: Capricorn
Favorites: Violet, Indie Music, and Crepes

Throughout her childhood and teenage years, Jane developed a reputation as a sweet child with a penchant for meddling. She's the type of person who tends to become a mother hen in just about every situation, and whether they like it or not, she's determined to protect the ones she loves- often from trouble she's caused.

After graduating from Riverview University, Jane moved to Barnacle Bay- a decision that her parents, Isabel and Phillip Evans, still resent- and promptly met two gentleman by the names of Moe Pesce and Chase Cruz. While her initial impulse led her to choose Chase, Jane quickly regretted it when the relationship soured and even became violent on one occasion. Fortunately for her, Moe was there to pick up the pieces, and it wasn't long before she fell deeply in love with him.

After their marriage and the birth of their twins, Sophie and Ethan, the Pesces moved to Twinbrook, hoping that the change of scenery would provide a fresh opportunity for a peaceful life. What they found in Twinbrook, however, was far from peaceful. With the arrival of Chase, new tensions, and an old murder that just begged for Jane to solve it, their first few years in Twinbrook were certainly eventful.

But Jane isn't one to complain about the past. Instead, she looks to the future, obsessively worrying about her family and friends instead of herself- even when she probably should. Despite her intelligence, Jane has a habit of being rather foolhardy and impulsive, which can often lead her into trouble. A lot of trouble. She has a curious streak a mile wide, and once she gets something into her head, she's hard-pressed to let it go- even when it leads her into worse and worse situations. While she listens to common sense most of the time, there are certainly times when her nosiness gets the better of her and she simply has to know.

Her tenacity, intelligence, and tendency to rush in where angels fool to tread make her an excellent candidate for a reporter, but after her recent ordeal at the hands of the late Matt Schtick, Jane resigned from the newspaper and took up a job as a freelance writer, doing occasional pieces for various publications around Simissouri but spending most of her time working on a novel of her own. It's possible that the events of the Amy Jenkins case will provide the inspiration for her novel- but Jane won't reveal any spoilers to her friends and family, no matter how much they beg her.


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