16 March 2011


When bringing home a new baby for the first time, it’s not always easy to tell how its siblings will react. Even after several hours of labor and almost 48 hours without sleeping, not to mention the strong possibility that the house might have incurred some kind of serious damage, the twins’ reactions to Izzy was the only thing on Jane’s mind when she and Moe arrived home from the hospital.

 "Well, Izzy, it's time to say hello to your brother and sister," Jane murmured softly. And for me to see how bad the house looks, she added silently. So far, the garage and den had looked intact, but she was a bit afraid to see the rest of the house. Still, she wanted to introduce Izzy to Sophie and Ethan before making the rounds. 

"Well, guys, say hello to your baby sister!" Jane beamed effusively as she cradled the newborn in her arms. The twins blinked curiously at the newest addition to their family, but were suspiciously quiet. That didn't auger well for the condition of the house, but Jane wisely ignored the red flags as she showed off the baby. "Her name is Isabel," she announced. "We can call her Izzy." 

"She's so tiny!" Ethan exclaimed, staring at her with bug eyes. 

"Can I hold her?" Sophie held her arms out in anticipation, but Jane was hesitant. 

"Maybe later, okay?" She didn't want to take any chances with one of the twins dropping Izzy. "Right now I think she needs to sleep.

They had put the crib in the den for the moment, with a bassinet in their room upstairs. The twins' cribs had been sold at a yard sale a few months after moving in, as they hadn't thought they'd be having another baby again- or so soon. 

For a few minutes, all she wanted to do was stand there and look at her daughter, but she was interrupted by her husband's voice from the kitchen.

"Jane, I'm going to go ahead and heat the turkey up for tonight, okay?" Jane's parents were coming over for dinner, and they'd stopped to pick up a preheated turkey for dinner. 

"That's fine!" she called back. "I'll come help in a minute." 

As he reached for the door of the fridge, an odd acrid smell filled his nostrils and he paused to take in the condition of the room, something he hadn't noticed when he first entered the kitchen. 

The floor of the kitchen was dirty and covered with soot, and the cabinets were several shades darker from the thin layer of ash that coated them. But the worst part was the stove, which was almost completely charred,  the metal burners mangled and out of alignment. 

Moe's yelp of surprise drew Jane out of the den, and her reaction was even more surprised than his. They had expected some kind of accident, but this was far beyond what either had imagined. For a few moments, both were completely speechless. But when Jane turned to look at her husband, the look of anger on her face surprised him even more. 

"You," she growled, her voice low with anger and leftover hormones. "This is your fault. I don't care what you do, but you are taking care of this!" She turned and stalked out of the room to find the twins, and Moe could only nod and hope that she didn't yell enough to wake up the baby. 

"I'm not going to yell," Jane began. "But I just want you to tell me what in the world happened. Are you two okay? Did anything else get ruined?"

"We're fine," Ethan assured her. "And it was kind of an accident?" 

"Okay... Why don't you tell me how you accidentally set the kitchen on fire?" Jane's voice was dangerously quiet.

"Well, Sophie wanted to make a grilled cheese, and then she forgot to take the plastic off..." Sophie was staring daggers at him, but he either didn't notice or didn't care.

"And then there was this big FWOOSH and then the stove caught on fire and it was like really big, and then Sophie was like 'oh my gosh' and I was like 'let's call 911' and she was like 'no, we can put it out ourselves and..." His voice tapered off as he finally saw Sophie's expression. 

"And then we put it out and it was really no big deal," he added nonchalantly. "But no harm done, the stove still works, right? So let's just chalk it up to childish fun and look at the baby some more!" Ethan smiled brightly, hoping that the new baby would distract her enough to deter any punishment that might be coming their way.

"Um, guys?" Moe called over. "I hate to interrupt, but dinner's about ready, and your parents are coming over soon, Jane." Her parents already disliked him, and finding out that he left the children unattended for so long wouldn't exactly go over well.

"Okay... let's go help Daddy set the table, guys!" Jane suggested, flashing them a look that said they'd finish the conversation later. The twins clamored into the kitchen, pulling out dishes and silverware under their mother's watchful eye.

By the time the Evans arrived, the house was in much better shape, and Jane was actually beginning to relax.

Moe, however, was not.

"Excellent dinner, Jane." Phillip Evans patted his stomach and pushed his chair away from the table to clean up his plate.

"Actually, Moe made it," Jane corrected, pushing her turkey around on her plate. Phil acknowledged this with a grunt, but said nothing. 
"It's really.... lovely," Isabel commented. She'd always liked Moe far more than her husband, but it was difficult to change Phillips' mind about him. Of course, she knew the truth about Chase and everything that had happened before Jane and Moe had started dating, but they'd all agreed not to tell Phil, who wouldn't have taken the news well.

Jane glanced back and forth between her husband and her father uncomfortably, wishing that the atmosphere were a little less tense. My parents aren't supposed to be here to be mean to Moe, she thought bitterly. They were supposed to be here to meet their new granddaughter.

But to Phillip, Moe was the guy who took his daughter away, despite the fact that she'd moved to Barnacle Bay before meeting Moe anyways. He'd always resented Moe, and while he'd never been outright rude to him, the Evans were masters of passive aggressive behavior.

"So this is my new granddaughter," Phil said, cradling Izzy and walking back over to the table. "She looks like you, Moe... hopefully she'll grow into her nose, though."

Moe sighed heavily and stared down at his turkey.

"Aw, let me see her, Phil." Isabel snuggled her namesake closely, smiling as Izzy reached out and yanked at her hair. "She's certainly friendly, isn't she?" Izzy gurgled happily and played with the silver strand of hair.

"Oh, she's just precious!" Isabel cooed. "I almost don't want to give her back. Don't worry, I will," she added hastily as Jane's eyes narrowed.

As the visit drew to an end, Moe was finally able to breathe easily. Riverview wasn't far enough away for the Evans to stay overnight, but it was sufficiently distant to limit their visits to every few months.

"Drive safely, Mrs. Evans, it's supposed to rain tonight."

"Moe, how many times have I told you to call me Isabel?"

He smiled ruefully. "I'll remember to the next time you visit, I promise." He wouldn't. If he called his mother-in-law Isabel, he'd have to call her husband Phil, and that was something he wasn't about to do. "You might have to email me to remind me, however; I'm not sure I'll remember in a few months."

"Oh, it'll be sooner than that, Moe!" Isabel smiled brightly as she slid into her car. "We're coming back next week to look for houses in the area. Didn't Phil tell you? After he retires next month, we're moving here!" She waved and smiled as she pulled down the driveway, leaving Moe standing there with a smile frozen on his face.

How... wonderful. 


Eeeeeheheehe. Oh dear me. ^^ Your posts always leave me in giggles!

Ethan is seriously hilarious. I love his explanation of what happened! Poor Sophie, giving him dirty looks... You definitely cover the twin dynamic well--but I imagine you're an expert at that, eh? ;)

Izzy is such a cute nickname! I'm glad to see that the kids were excited to see her instead of resentful... Though I guess that can't be said of Jane's parents!

And, of course, they're moving into town. Pooooor Moe! Just what he needed. Well, at least Phil won't have an excuse to be cold towards him for "stealing his daughter away"--but some old dogs just don't learn new tricks.

Awesome post, Amelia! WANT MOAR. :D

Aw, thank you Kaleeko!

Don't tell the rest of them, but Ethan's my favorite, moohahahaha.

As for Izzy... Sophie didn't like her so much at first, but I cheated and raised their relationship up because I didn't really want to play out the sibling resentment. So now they all get along really well, haha.

Yeah, Jane's parents are interesting. I decided to include them more than originally planned.

You will have moar tomorrow, probably, as I already have most of the screenshots I need!

My lips are sealed. ^^ I can tell why you like Ethan, though! I'm curious--what trait did he pick up when he aged up? (And Sophie too, for that matter.)

Man, I cheat like that aaaalll the time, in both directions. Sometimes you just gotta tweak the game to fit the story! :D

And, I'm glad you included Jane's parents, even if it's only a little--it always gives Sims more realism instead of just seeming to be spawned from nothingness. ^^

YAY! Woot woot! That makes me happy. No need to force yourself to write on my account, but hey, sometimes when you're given a slice of cake you suddenly crave the whole thing! ^^ And what can I say, I adore the Pesces, and your presentation of them. :D

Currently, Ethan has the Artistic, Friendly, and Good traits, while Sophie has the Loves the Outdoors, Easily Impressed, and Excitable traits. I randomize my traits (though I do edit them if they inherit something that's totally not in keeping with my plans).

I agree, I like the dynamic the parents added. That's why I had them move in to the town, to be honest! I figure torturing Moe will be fun, plus it gives me a bit more to play with in terms of story.

And don't worry, it's not on your account! I am enjoying myself so much writing this story, and I have a lot of leftover screenshots from this post, as I kind of split it in half. So I really only have a few more to finish out the post, and I'm really excited because I can finally pick up the Amy Jenkins thread again, now that the baby/birth/etc are out of the way!

I'm so glad you enjoy them! They're rather fun. To be honest when I was first contemplating making a story/blog, I had a hard time choosing which family/neighborhood to pick, but I'm glad I chose the Pesces. They've been a lot of fun.

Poor Jane. Wanting to have the baby get to know the twins but having grave doubts about the state of the house. Izzy is so cute.

I'm beginning to love Moe. He's trying hard but not everything goes to plan.

And I love Ethan quite a bit. He just can't resist telling a good story.

I wish Moe the best of having the in-laws move closer. I'm sure Jane loves it but ...

Good story!

Aw, thanks PiB!

Yeah, I feel bad for Moe too... but I'm the one doing all this to him, hehe ;)

They won't be around too much, but I like the option of having them nearby for storytelling.

Jane keeps rolling wants to have even MORE children. NO JANE. NO MORE.

In a way, I think we always feel for and adore the characters we write the worst things for. ;D And Moe suuuure is looking adorable right now... Hee.

Having family nearby for storytelling is always awesome. Especially as a good place to dump the kids off when things are about to get interesting. ^^

Bad Jane! Oh man. What is with these Sims and wanting to procreate like rabbits?! I think it's just the pregnancy hormones. If she was in her right mind, she'd realize how overwhelmed she is with just the three at the moment!

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